Thursday, 16 April 2009

7 month developmental skills

Erbie has learnt, in the past 2 days to bang things together, which apparently is a developmental milestone, it may be a mental milestone for westendmum if he continues in this confined space, but I can't help smiling at him doing it all the same. He has also learnt to drop things intentionally, especially when he is in his highchair and a parent is near by to retrieve. GR picked up the same plastic spoon 4 times before he cottoned on. Both of them looked very pleased with themselves.
We have started putting a duvet on the floor for him to sit on and amuse himself with toys now. Which he does happily, I made a treasure box for him, that he grapples eveything out of one by one, each item going in his mouth for a while. It's a Pampers wipes plastic box, with a good clicky catch, that contains:
One small stripey tin of tiny liquorice beads, not openable, makes a lovely noise when shaken.
A string of pearls - fake.
Harvey Nichols storecard, defunct.
Chainmail purse, sadly too tatty to use any longer.
Laminated pub tab card from drinking days, paid.
Heart shaped stone, from a beach in Greece circa '99
Small pink ball, doesn't bounce.
A tubular silver bracelet, with heart charm, that looks like it could be an expensive christening gift.
London transport handbag mirror.
An American drugstore calcium supplement bottle, which makes a great shaky noise.

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