Sunday, 26 April 2009

Libido = Lavina + Missing Person

I feel I should really work at getting my libido back, so am going to name her Lavina and put her on the missing person’s list. Hopefully there will be news of her by the end of the Summer. This may involve a trip to Coco de la Mer, following the white rabbit down the hole or reading Anais Nin. But will probably start at Marie Stopes on Cleveland St.

Right that's it, Lavina definitely needs to be found. I've just eaten chicken. For the first time in 22 years. What made me do it? Reminiscing about Sunday lunches as a child? Staring out of the window longingly at the people sat with drinks in the sunshine over the road, while I'm waiting for Erbie to finish his nap? Hunger? Or missing Lavina?

I was just carving up the chicken to take to the park (not for a walk, for a picnic), warm from the oven, free-range, roasted in garlic with fresh parsley and lemon, succulent juices dribbling over the breast, the sea salt catching the light from the kitchen window on a thigh, and I started to think 'what the hell', 'why shouldn't I', I've been cooking chicken for years and never even tasted it, 'Go on' said Lavina, one little taste won't hurt, one little taste led to another, and another, mmmm that's good. Oh goodness, I've just lost my vegetarianity.


mothership said...

I lost my vegitarinity when I was pregnant with Four, egged on by my midwife and now i'm a raging meat slut. I keep meaning to go back and give it up again but I can't quite do it. Draw the line at lamb, veal and other baby animals. Seems too sad. But I fucking HATE chickens in their live state and I try not to think too hard about sweet, big soft cow eyes. OMG, have to stop now. WAHH

westendmum said...

I used to keep chickens, and bantams and give them names, and when they died we buried them in the garden. But dammit, that chicken tasted good, The GR cooked chorizo and eggs for breakfast the day after, and it was very dissappointing and rubbery. I'm holding out for a hearty hog roast sandwich at Borough market. I don't know if I'll make it red, red meat, cows do have such lovely eyes. And I'm detemind to stay freerange, handreared, cost a fortune, become a vegetarian, bollocks, give me a sausage.

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