Monday, 6 April 2009

Things one should know about bananas.

Bananas stain everything black, which as an adult without children you wouldn’t know, they are packaged so well, spillage is rare. I used to use the skin to polish my boots under the office desk after lunch.
Start feeding them to babies and the initial pleasure of watching your little one’s joy at their pulpy sweet mouthful becomes somewhat tainted when the rather expensive French sleeve sticking out from under the bib has an immovable stain. Nothing, and I mean nothing, gets banana out, unless you know differently. Never over fill the spoon, it is a false economy, when the little darlings are gaping for more faster than you can scoop it up, half of it, if you’re lucky will stay on the back of the spoon, but is more likely to go on your lap, their lap, chin, new top or the floor. My eyes then can’t help but follow the direction of the escaping banana, which distracts me from the next scoop, which leads to more of the same.
And breath. I’ve found tucking the highchair in as close to me as possible and calmly offering a semi laden spoon, whilst letting Erbie have a spoon of his own to smash up and down or chew is the best way so far.
And why do they never eat the last mouthful, and why is that important to me? Banana can be quite successfully fed, when out, by pre-chewing a small amount and surreptitiously offering it to baby on a finger. But I’ve decided the only good place to really feed a baby banana is in the bath.

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