Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Going to feed the Pelicans

Where does one go to feed the ducks in London? We usually go to the Regents Park but there seems to be a better class of duck in St James!

Red crested pochard

Bar-headed goose with several Coot

Quite clearly you are not allowed to feed the Pelicans in St James...

We did a full circle of the park not seeing a single one sir then rounded the last corner to catch them at their morning preening. They look so incongruous in an English setting. I think they may rule the roost in the park, a bit like the Kray twins, there is a certain something thuggish about them.

The Pelicans at St James Park, London.

Not such a good picture (taken straight into the sun), but you get the idea. We also saw a pair of green paraquets which seem to be synonomous with London now, 5 magpies, moorhen, dabchicks, tufted ducks, pintails, a wren, blue tits, long tailed tits, great tits, and very tame squirrels which seem to appeal to the tourists.


Heather said...

it all looks very lovely - I'd be a little afraid of the pelicans though - i have a thing about large birds.

Victoria @ Hibiscus Bloem said...

We visit the ducks nearly every day right now. My 18th month old little girl loves them. She says 'ducks' about 20 times a day, and before she's even out of her PJs she's putting on her hat and waiting by the door! Sadly no pelicans here though.

westendmum said...

I've just found out they feed the pelicans fish every day at 2.30pm - sadly slap in the middle of Erbie's nap time...

Marie said...

I love the Pelicans, I walk past them on my way to work most mornings and they always make me smile. And my favourite ducks are the Mandarin ducks, so beautiful and decorative. Plus I like the little tufted ones, to be honest I love them all!

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