Friday, 19 March 2010

Final Hurdle and flapping Belle Mere

The final hurdle for the mortgage is getting the flat valued to the price we have said it is worth. 

After letters of confirmation being sent to the wrong address, promises to pay off credit card debts and reproving current address the mortgage advisor gave the go ahead for the surveyor to go to the property.

This morning the Belle Mere rang and told me all about her terrible morning with our surveyor, how she had had to find the freehold agreement and how the surveyor had told her they don’t give mortgages on properties with less than 70 years. How she was convinced it was only 60 years etc, etc, panic, panic, panic, had to go through paperwork, most inconvienient blah blah blah. How she hadn’t been able to let them into the loft because it was locked (with our stuff in it, it’s a tiny padlock and easily unscrewable). It transpired there were 73 years left on the freehold.

‘So did he say it was a problem or not?’ I asked calmly, gesticulating madly at the phone.

‘Well he didn’t seem to think it would be a problem but I’m so worried, it was just awful.’ She said.

Now we have to wait on tenterhooks all weekend to find out whether they will give us the mortgage after the unrefundable survey or not.

Belle Mere has chivvied us along saying she was exchanging at the end of March, which is why the surveyor was there in the first place. Now she says she may not complete until the middle of July.

We are going to run my sisters pub for a few days to get out of London!

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Victoria @ Hibiscus Bloem said...

Fingers crossed the mortgage comes through for you. I am selling a flat with 74 years left on the lease. It doesn't apppear to a problem with mortgage, but the solicitor for the buyer is complaining about it etc etc. I'm just hoping it all goes through ok. Enjoy your few days away at the pub.

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