Saturday, 20 March 2010

The not so nice things you see from a West End window

This morning about 7ish I saw a not particularly attractive couple walking up the road after obviously having some kind of altercation. He was in front with a pronounced limp and walked off round the corner, she followed putting on her trousers – putting on her trousers, err alright love that’s a bit much. 

He nearly got reversed into by a delivery truck but she just stared after him then rummaged for her phone and on reaching the corner said something to two girls coming out of the newsagents as they all turned and watched the boyfriend limp off down the road.

I returned to what I was doing and on glancing out of the window a bit later was shocked to see police cars everywhere, a doorway with police tape all over it and the girl in question, now looking very small, with them. A sickening feeling washed over me as I realised she had actually said ‘I’ve just been raped’.

Of course looking back, walking down the road with no trousers on is not normal behaviour, even for a professional lady. I feel so stupid now, but what could I have done, chased the guy. 

I could however corroborate her story, so went and gave a statement to an officer. 

What is equally shocking is how nonchalant the perpetrator was. How fucked up and unloved had he been in his childhood to do something like that or was he just evil and opportunist. There is of course no excuse and it doesn’t bare thinking about but now that poor girl has to rebuild her life after maybe just trying to be early for work one day.


Looking Fab in your forties said...

How dreadful. At least you got out there and did your bit once you realised. Well Done for that!

Victoria @ Hibiscus Bloem said...

How were you to really know? I thought the same whilst reading the beginning. Another couple, having an early morning fight after a heavy night - she chasing him down the road still getting dressed. And then being abusive to the girls. How terrible for her. How brave to follow him and to call the Police - so many woman don't. I'm sure your statement will help her.

Marie said...

I agree with Victoria, how were you to know. The assumption would be that they were a couple until you realise otherwise. And yes you did as much as you could, it's just sad to think that things like rape can happen in such an obvious way and people (men) still think they can get away with it. And the conviction rates are so low anyhow they probably can... Sorry for the rant but it's still one of those things I struggle to understand why there can't be a better way of dealing with it.

Metropolitan Mum said...

You couldn't know. And even if - what were you supposed to do? Chase after him? Getting hurt yourself? Well done for making a statement!

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