Friday, 12 March 2010

Schleich Animals

Looking up images for my ‘Toy Horse Porn’ I discovered one can buy Schleich plastic animals and knights and farmers and dinosaurs on - God help you Erbie! 

I had previously only bought him a measley chicken for his stocking as I thought they were shockingly over-priced, fuelled by the memory of a bag full of handed-down farm animals I had as a child, which are sadly long gone.


westendmum said...

I can't seem to find a capybara though.

Marie said...

These animals are brilliant. I especially love the yawning hippo. Do they have any monkeys?

Anonymous said...

They are expensive, granted, but I do love them and they seem to be quite resilient to being sat on, chewed, flushed down the toilet.

Looking Fab in your forties said...

I would string them up to make a great necklace! Be cute eh?

teawithonesugarplease said...

My two bubbas love chewing down on them - having survived one toddler they are worth the money and last!

westendmum said...

The Grandad turned up the next day with a Schleich Rhino and a Camel! What timing.

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