Friday, 18 September 2009

I really shouldn't be here

Having had a conversation with the lovely Everybody Says Don’t about how much time blogging takes up what with the reading, commenting let alone posting, I really shouldn't be here. 
I have lots of things to do. I should be checking my work email to see if the suit has forwarded the missing link for me to complete the job for Monday morning. Complete the job which will involve me honing very old and tired skills (with much trial and error) on a computer that doesn't even belong to me in a programme that I barely know my way around - yes, yes, I'm avoiding. I should also be making the casserole I promised The GR for when he arrives home from work at 10pm, tired and hungry, but that involves clearing the kitchen (slob) and putting lights on. I should put Erbie’s toys away and I should really eat something other than oat biscuits and biscuit biscuits. 
I babysat the lovely little Missy for Suki last night while she went to a meeting. I took Erbie over to their flat and the pair of them crawled around, pulled books off shelves and tried to open drawers for an hour. I managed to spill water all over the new board book I’d got Missy as a belated birthday gift causing it to swell up and the pages start to peel apart. Erbie attempted to get up the chimney and Missy took her first steps whilst fake laughing into the telephone.
We shared a lovely glass of red on Suki’s return, whilst both of us gave our our babies their nighttime feed, we’re both as bad as one another! Which reminds me, Suki gave me a lovely bottle of Bordeaux as a thank-you, hmm, that’ll get me in the kitchen to start the casserole in a Keith Floyd like manner.

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everybodysaysdont said...

Sorry haven't got time to comment on this!!!! :-)

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