Tuesday, 1 September 2009

They gave me Sanctuary

Today I spent a lovely day at the Sanctuary Spa in Covent Garden's Floral Street. Jean had given me a day's voucher for my birthday last year under the proviso that she came too. She has a high powered job, two children and a house to run, so we seldom get much, if any time together. I took my book, but didn't open it as we spent the day catching up, inbetween and during jacuzzi, sauna, swimming, lunch, tea, followed by a massage, ahhhhhhh. The koi carp room, was almost empty before midday but by the time we left at 5 pm had filled with lounging ladies swaddled in white robes. 
My massage, another treat from Jean was rather effective - It started with me shallow breathing face down on the massage table, panicked about whether someone was going to burst through the door saying we have an urgent phone call for WestEndMum, Erbie has been rushed to - but thankfully the masseuse was good enough to take my mind off of childcare worries by serious knot removal on my upper back. The noise of grainy lymphatic nodules crunching within me under her capable hands, along with calming music that included strange deep exhaling noises (took me a while to work out where they were coming from) was enough for me to almost drift off. 
I'd been to the Sanctuary before a long time ago and hadn't really got it, but as I discussed with Jean, we were art students at the time, lounging around reading magazines really wasn't something one needed to pay for. 
This time round, after only an hour I got it.


everybodysaysdont said...

ooh bliss!

Metropolitan Mum said...

I went there when 8 months pregnant. They know how to care for expecting mums. Although I have to agree, right now I would appreciate a massage even more.

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