Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Face off

Apparently The GR tried to eat someone’s face on his birthday. 

He is mortified. 

Lunging at the girlfriend of a friend’s flatmate on the sofa, not high on the list of things to do in your forties really. 

I'm a little put out, but not much.

He was very drunk. 

The friend had said: ‘don’t what ever you do make a pass at my flatmate’s girlfriend’ - (red rag to bull that one). Yes, his reputation preceeded him, but you should hear mine.

I've teased him mercilessly all day, and he has berated himself all day. 

We get to kiss and make up.

Idiot boy.


Chic Mama said...

Oh dear....how embarrassing. At least you are laughing. I can never understand why people would get angry or jealous at that sort of incident. All harmless fun in my book and I bet he'll offer to do the driving for a while? ;0)

westendmum said...

He would if we had a car. He got the shopping this morning though!

Single Supplement said...

lunging is such an appropriate word because invariably those who lunge.. miss!! Good job in this case heh?

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