Wednesday, 16 September 2009


Chic mama’s comment on my Face off post reminded me that I'd been meaning to tell you about Streetcar. The GR joined, I don't drive. (“you deserve to be driven”, someone once said, “round the bend.” I replied).

Basically a year’s membership is £59.50, then it costs about a fiver for an hour. The first 30 miles of petrol are free. They have cars placed all over central London and other large cities. There is a van at the end of Percy Street and a car on Bedford Square. The spaces are reserved for ‘car club’ cars, so you can always park. Simply ring and book when you need to pick up the car and use your personal streetcar credit card to unlock the car and drive away. Handy for people like us who don't have a car but occasionally need one. No more tube trips to Ikea!


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Marie said...

Ah if only I could drive...

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