Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Clinical Trial week 12

I went back to the hospital today to for week 12 of my clinical diet trial.
I could have kissed her, it's made such a difference. She told me she had had mixed results but mainly positive, but they have stopped her funding, and she had only put 18 patients on the trial when she needs to have 100 for statistical purposes. With the new financial year and the credit crunch there is no longer the funding for the intolerance testing at the beginning of the trial. Ridiculous as the amount of money that could be saved on medicine if it proves relevant would far out way the test. I am on the trial for another 12 weeks. When I think of all the steroids and intrusive endoscopies, colonoscopies, and medication I've taken over the past 16 years, that perhaps could have been avoided, well, you work it out. Of course, there may be other factors, not speaking to Belle Mere makes my life less stressful, which could be a factor, and I've cut out a lot of dairy aswell as the yeast and egg white I'm reportedly intolerant to. But hey ho, for now I am happy and symptom free, I can wear white again and don't need to know where the nearest loo is. I'm even going to stay with friends for a couple of days without fear of embarrasing morning or midnight rushes to the bathroom every five minute. Bliss. My Bristol Stool Form Chart register is back on 5 for the first time in years!

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everybodysaysdont said...

I'm so pleased you are feeling better and symptom free- long may it continue! Lots Of Love x

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