Friday, 18 September 2009

My life in magazines!

It all started with a Twinkle in my eye or rather my cousin C’s eye. I spent a lot of my childhood at my aunt’s house which was great fun. C and I were the same age, related, blonde and under 10 years of age. C laughed at my jokes and let me share her bedroom. I in return let her warm her icy feet on my legs. My lovely cousin who wore pink and sang in tune like a real girl (I was such a tomboy, and cannot hold a note) had Twinkle magazine delivered every weekend. Delivered no less! I followed suit.

Isn’t she adorable, no wonder I had a crush on Goldie Hawn in Rowan and Martin’s Laugh In.

Photo date: 1969 "Rowan & Martin's Laugh In" Goldie Hawn 1969 NBC Photo by Ed Thrasher - © 1978 Ed Thrasher - Image courtesy

Next came Bunty, I'm sure via the same route. I remember especially paper cut out dolls. Mmmmmm paper cut out dolls.

Then at secondary school I subscribed to Jackie magazine for a couple of years. I wasn’t interested in Cathy and Clare’s problem page, or the photo story but the occasional illustrated fashion spread. I recall one in particular where a model drawn with white blonde cropped hair wore tight black ski-pants and a  long louchy jumper.

Ah ha I see pattern forming here. Do I mean to tell myself my whole image through art college and most of my twenties was formulated from Twinkle magazine.


Mrs Trefusis... said...

I'm loving these reprints - I'm completely with you - twinkle, then bunty, then jackie. Ah, such beautiful nostalgia

Looking Fab in your forties said...

Sadly my Mother couldn't afford to buy me such luxurys - sniff, although I do remember buying Jackie once or twice if I had been lucky enough to do any babysitting, but I sure as hell make up for it now!

everybodysaysdont said...

I Loved Twinkle! Lully to see you yesterday, sorry about the tea stains on your boy!! He's a delight though!

westendmum said...

@mrstrefusis Me too. (The Guardian have been reprinting single issues of old children's magazines recently with their paper).

@Looking Fab in your Forties I don't think my mum could really afford them either but she was a softy and I was spoilt.

@everybodysaysdon't Likewise. Don't worry, added to strawberry stain from earlier.
WEM xx

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