Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Not West End Bum

West End Mum is not going to be a West End Bum as she has picked up some work, which means no evening spent twittering, but working. 

I met a new client, lets call him the suit in a local cafe on Saturday he cancelled friday twice.
I took on a job that he had started with someone else but wasn't happy. In my profession we all know taking on someone elses work is a nightmare- everyone works differently. 

This proved to be the case, the job was a right pigs ear, with lots of bits missing. I didn't have the software that it had been created in, nor did I really have the time to do it, because I had another job for my regular lovely client who give me a laptop with all the latest software on.

Said laptop read new clients work, and they have extended the time until I return from my short break. So the Gods are smiling on me.

I spoke to the guy in Nottingham who had previously done the suits work, he virtually sobbed down the phone at me, saying he wanted nothing more to do with suit. I placated him and asked if there was anyway I could have the missing files. Absolutely not. So I leave them to sort that out between them and probably come back to a nice can of worms job. 

That should get my baby brain in order.

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everybodysaysdont said...

Congrats! Good luck with it all, and have a good birthday! XXX

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