Wednesday, 2 September 2009


I went with Suki today to see a nursery she had been given the opportunity of putting Missy into for 3 days a week when she goes back to teaching at the end of September. A lovely little place, not far away, but not open to the likes of I, it is specifically for mothers working within the faculty however I think Erbie may have earned us brownie points for the future with his smile. It had a good feel, the girls working there were a balanced cross section of Londoners, the children all looked happy and were divided into 2 groups, babies (0-2) and slightly older ones. Babies had a good routine of outdoor time, lunch, nap, play, tea, activity. A day running from 8.45am until 5pm. Suki has been offered to share with another mum, meaning she can put Missy in for only the 3 days she needs. Most nurseries it seems insist on 5 days, at approximately £50 a day, x 5 x 4, well you can see it gets expensive. Jean used to have to do this with 2 children - that's £2000 a month! Most individual child carers come in a £7 an hour. Suki is in knots about what to do, and has even considered giving up work, but having just been promoted to course leader it would seem churlish. I understand her fears and am thankful I don't have to be in this position myself just yet. But maybe if I got a job for 2 days a week next year, I could end up being her second mum. Thinking about it I'd rather not go back to proper work until Erbie starts school, is this feasible I wonder. If I kept my hand in a few pies and got some good projects to work on at home maybe yes. I should really call up some of my contacts, I haven't done anything for the entire month of August. Get thee to work westendmum or you'll end up being a westendbum.


Metropolitan Mum said...

Ouch. You are hitting a nerve. I started looking for a place for little L, as I'd love to start working 2 days a week once she's a year old. The nurseries I visited were so grim, the carers seemed worn out and the children depressed. This lovely package would have been ours for about 840 pounds per month.
It's insane!

westendmum said...

@Metropolitan Mum
I told her she'd be mad not to take this place. Suki has done lots of research all the other nurseries she saw were dirty and didn't feel right. One Montissori place was run by a over bearing woman who said she insisted her staff came to work if they were ill - with children duh?
There must be some other good places out there, but it seems it's very hard to organise. Other friends swear by child minders, but thats pricey too.
I'm very lucky not to be in that position yet.
Note to self, find some work to do from home.
Good luck.

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