Friday, 11 September 2009

Sloe Gin

A scrumping we shall go, a scrumping we shall go, eh eye diddly eye a scrumping we shall go.
There were sloes all over in Suffolk and I couldn't resist gathering some. I didn't even have to go very far these were in the hedge at the bottom of our rented cottage garden. 

Don't even think about tasting them. They are bitter, so bitter they set your teeth on edge. 

Bitter however is a good match for gin. 

Sloe gin recipe. 
Prick each sloe, place in a large sterile glass container with a tight fitting lid. 
Cover with cheap white sugar and cheap white gin. 
Leave for 3 months in a cool dark cupboard. 
Agitate every now and then. 
Come Christmas you should be able to syphon off a  liquer-like sweet alternative to Port and homemade too. 

WARNING: Can disappear before Christmas arrives.

IMAGE: moi: Look – dusty sloes and rosemary. 


Liberty London Girl said...

My mother just blogged about sloes too (A Life Reclaimed). Freezing apparently means they pop on defrosting, negating the need for needles!) LLGxx

westendmum said...

What a great tip, thanks, and for leading me back to your mother's blog, I read when it first started but forgot to bookmark. Have done so now.

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