Saturday, 12 September 2009

Postal Strike

No post.
There have been a series of postal strikes across the country and in central London. There was one on Wednesday (my birthday) and another one due for next week. Not one birthday card! I went to the sorting office to double check, maybe after one reaches a certain age it's not policy to send cards any longer I thought to myself. Maybe no one likes me? There was a queue coming out of the door. Two staff manned the counter a harassed guy and a jolly lady. The harassed guy said: 'I've got to go to the loo, it's been hectic, sorry', and closed his window, emerging several minutes later looking slightly less harassed. I got the jolly lady. She had a look for me but there was nothing. 'It was my birthday' I said, 'and I didn't get one card'.  'It was my birthday last week and I'm still waiting for a card in the post:' said the jolly postlady. A woman behind joined in, 'didn't you see the picture in the London paper, there are over a million letters and parcels in the sorting office waiting to be sent'. 
I wasn't expecting that many.


blessingsgoddess said...

Even in these times of Internet and email we still need the ordinary post !

Chic Mama said...

Awww, I still get excited when the post arrives on Birthday day!! And then deflated when nothing! It seems to happen when you get older.
I hope all your 100's of cards arrive soon. ;0)

fabhat said...

Our post has just arrived - at 4.30ish! Hope that your birthday cards arriving late extends your birthday celebrations beautifully...

Miss Whistle said...

Oh that's really sad. Happy belated birthday.

xx Miss W

westendmum said...

A postman arrived yesterday with a parcel and I nearly jumped on him. Lovely book from best friend and 3 cards. He told me there was so much mail to sort through they were hiding it, not a good policy surely? AND there is another strike on wednesday. I'm still waiting for Brigitte Bardot's Best Hits (yes hits) to arrive from amazon!

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