Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Stunning Business For Sale in South of France

Have just found out our lovely friends Rob and Tracey who lovingly restored and brought back to life this wonderful Hotel de Vigniamont in Pezenas, in the South of France are sadly looking to sell as a successful turn-key B&B business as they have to return to the UK.  

We were there many balmy summers ago before the business was up and running. I remember going with Tracey to buy olive trees for the courtyard. Watching Rob getting the water feature working, so that cool water ran from the mouth of a stony face to a small pool below. The constant see-saw noise of cicadas and chilled rosé in the evenings. Walking around the great city of Pezenas, stopping for a little coffee and buying fruit and vegetables from the market. Tracey talked of setting up an honesty fridge, that she would stock with goodies and wine for guests to help themselves to after hours. There was constant talk of which colour to decorate individual bedrooms and builders having to re-install ensuite bathroom doors to open in rather than our. Floors were too high, sun terraces too exposed but they got there in the end with much hard work. It became one of those charming places to stay coveted by the masses and known by a few. Details of Rob and Tracy’s hospitality and especially Tracy’s amazing cooking were passed on in whispered excitement as if one had found a single remaining place at an exclusive members club.

You just have to read the rave reviews on the website link to see how well it has done, it’s been fully booked since opening. It is well connected with the nearby airports of Beziers and Montpellier. 

So sad they must leave, but a wonderful opportunity for anyone who fancies running an exclusive bed and breakfast in the South of France. 

IMAGE: Hotel de Vigniamont. Guest lounge.
5 rue Massillon, 34120 Pezenas, France.


innshopper said...

It's sad that they have to sell, but a what a wonderful opportunity for someone new. They may want to consider adding a B&B sale listing on It's free, and should help to attract potential buyers.

Metropolitan Mum said...

Just out of curiosity: how much does something like this cost? Running a B&B in South of France is my secret dream (ok, not so secret anymore). And the place looks absolutely gorgeous.

Looking Fab in your forties said...

There is an award for you over at mine x

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