Saturday, 5 September 2009

Watching clothes dry

My life is so exciting at the moment I was thrilled to buy a new clothes airer from Habitat yesterday. The GR doesn't like new stuff coming into the flat, as we have too much stuff, along with the stuff languishing in the loft of the flat (no longer ours) in North London. I swayed him by hanging washing from the backs of doors, baby clothes on the radiators, knickers and bras on door handles, it worked. I keep trying to get rid of stuff, but it reappears. Now there is baby stuff too. Oh well at least the clothes look nice drying.


littlebrownbird said...

Great clothes airer. Essential house equipment. Especially if you're trying to avoid ironing like me :)

westendmum said...

I try to avoid ironing at all costs, and now of course it is a potential hazard!

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