Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Baby-led weaning

My book arrived, 'Baby-led weaning' by Gill Rapley and Tracey Murkett.
Baby-led weaning or commonsense as it's sometimes called.
This is the premise that you shouldn't spoon feed pulp to babies that are weaned after 6months. As their digestive systems are more developed, and they can sit up and hold onto things, bits of food can be put in front of them to feed themselves. This leads to good dexterity and food confidence. It involves a lot of mess and some gagging, but you should trust your baby. I agree in principal, but am going to do a bit of both.
No purees, just some nice mashes.
For example.
Today Erbie mainly ate:
Mashed sweet potato from a spoon, starting with me, ending up with him. After I'd given him 3 spoonfuls, I let him have the spoon, he managed to get some in, and also ate some from his fingers. I simply steamed it, pushed it through a sieve and stuck it in a ramekin.
Pear, cut in three chip shaped pieces with a chunk cut out for grip, some sucking ensued, but the slippery suckers kept getting away.
Apple. I was eating an apple and Erbie was on my lap, he wanted the apple, he managed to hold it between both hands and suck for a while until he got bored, I finished it off.

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