Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Pear, banana, baby rice

Wednesday 11th February 2009-02-11

Erbie wouldn’t settle last night and woke twice before 7pm, having gone to bed at 5.30pm. He then woke for a feed at 8pm and again around midnight. Then he woke at 1.30 and didn’t go back to sleep until 3.30am, I tried feeding, rocking, leaving him in his cot, nothing, he wasn’t crying, just awake and chewing bunny, burbling and smiling. He then woke around four and we all got up about 6.30am. So not a good night. We all went back for a nap at 8.30 ish for about an hour and half.

Erbie had some pear, just munched on a third, that I’d peeled and spat back out the lumpy bits, he really enjoyed it and almost sang.

I took Erbie up to Muswell Hill to see the mother-in-law, who’s moved into our old flat – eek. That was weird. We walked up to the broadway and Erbie fell asleep strapped to me, around 12.30pm, for about 40minutes. I tried him on some mashed banana, with a spoon, he like that too.

I headed back into town around 3.30pm and Erbie fell asleep on the walk upto the station and on the journey. Home and he started to get a bit whingey, I breast fed him and expressed enough for 2tspoons of baby rice, which he ate nearly all of.

He was zonked by 5pm, so much so I barely got to wipe his face and put him in his sleeping bag, he was fussing and crying, His cheeks flushed red, and he was obviously in some pain, so I gave him some baby nurofen. I nearly missed his sleep time altogether. He fed a bit, whinged a bit, I put him in the cot, manic chewing of bunny and kicking. Breast again, lots of kicking, back in the cot, rocking, manic chewing and kicking, some crying. I breastfed him again, and he calmed down eventually, we both fell asleep after about 20minutes. The Guardian reader brought me in a sandwich, it was almost 6pm.

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