Thursday, 12 February 2009

On the London Eye!

Well all that talk of discreet feeding wherever I am, how about in a capsule on the London Eye! Erbie graciously allowed us to sleep until 6am, and after a pot of tea, and back to bed naps until 9.30am, we were all up and out under the clear blue skies and walking through London. The sun was bright and low in the winter sky, and Erbie happily gurgled strapped to daddy and cosy in his snow suit. We turned into Bedford Sqaure on auto pilot and then decided to carry on that way, through Covent Garden, down to the Strand, and across Waterloo Bridge. The Thames was at low tide and there was a full sand bank under Festival Pier. It was so lovely, the Guardian reader suggested we carry on to the London Eye and see how big the queue was. I excitedly hurried my pace, as he being a vertigo sufferer, this wasn't an offer likely to come around again soon. I joined the short queue for tickets and within 10minutes we were in a pod with a family of 4, an elderly couple and a mother and daughter,
I even had my camera on me! We could see for miles in every direction, the conditions were perfect. As we got higher Guardian reader started to feel wobbly and needed to sit down. I snapped away, peering down on the river below, Big Ben said 10.30am.
We could see Alexander Palace, the Post Office Tower, Buckingham Palace, Primrose Hill, the Gherkin, St Pauls, and then an army helicopter flew up the river and right passed us, too much! By the time we got to the top Erbie decided he was far too hot, and bored and possibly hungry, oh dear. I took him and attempted a quick feed which quieted him down, Guardian reader sat with his arm around me protectively and the pod said 'your photograph will be taken now'!!!!! Back on land and a brisk walk home, beaming at our family day out and joking that it would be one of those things we'd say 'but you've been on it, look here's the photos', and the poor mite would have no recollection.

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