Sunday, 22 February 2009

Highchairs UPDATED

Ikea Antilop £9.78
I've been on the look out for a simple high chair. So far I've been using an upside down footstool on top of a chair with a cushion rammed inside, it works and keeps Erbie secure. I then put a vintage black souvenir of Malta tray on the table and were away. He joined us at the table for Sunday roast today! Anyways Guardian reader is not too keen, so I've been asking around and looking on ebay and Which. Of course everybody loves the Tripp Trapp, but it's so expensive, and I've heard some stories of babies kicking the table and pushing themselves over backwards, so not for us. Also as our lovely central London pad is tiny, tiny, tiny, I want something that looks good, and isn't too bulky. Traditional wooden ones take my eye, but wouldn't go with the after Chipendale dark wood table, and the ones in John Lewis started at £68. Several new mum's have recommended the Ikea Antilop, which originally came in only white but now in blue and red too. We're going for the white, it is available to buy online, but annoyingly the tray isn't and the delivery charge is nearly as much. So methinks, a trip to Wembly later in the week.

The highchair was delivered today, 4 March 2009.
Easy assembly.
Erbie likey.

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