Saturday, 20 February 2010

Waiting and working

We are still waiting for a decision from the mortgage broker we saw last Monday.

Waiting and working, that’s what I’ve been doing. Poor Erbie has gone a bit stir crazy, from being shut in. Plus it has been half term this week and SO busy out there. The Plaza on Oxford Street was chokka with parents shouting after their kids and Topshop my goodness, so many teens. These things I’ve seen when I take him out for his pre-nap walk. The only other thing I’ve seen is Chris Ofili on the day it opened at Tate Britain, loved the series of watercolour portraits. Erbie especially liked the cow dung ones and kept making lunges towards them so that I was constantly following him around, grabbing his duffle coat hood to restrain him just before fingers touched surfaces.

Working, one job is coming to a close, all okayed and ready to be artworked and sent to printers on Monday. The other is all over the place and partly a favour, which never turn out to be good! I’m still waitnig for copy, it dshould have been printed on Friday, they want to change an image etc. etc. The boring big job got started last night adfter 2 weeks of putting off and needs to go to print by the end of the month. I work in the evenings and when Erbie naps during the day, so there really aren’t enough hours in the day!

On the mortgage front, by Friday I decided I wasn’t being pro-active enough and called the Halifax, where I have a meeting set up for Wednesday and also got another broker on board, who says he will send our details off this morning – Saturday.

I’m visiting the Belle mere on Tuesdays. Sometimes thinking about the way she has treated us keeps me awake at night and it pops in and gets me all riled up when I’m doing simple tasks like washing up or cooking. We had a nice visit on Tuesday though, Erbie ran around pointing out of the window at buses and got cake and a story. Then when I got home there was an email form her about council tax bills and how a previous tenant hadn’t paid and why should she pay as the owner and that we should really get involved and would have to take on the debt and blah blah blah. I rather curtly told her to pass on said ex-tenants address and let them deal with the council.

My family who are normal and lovely are all well, Seaside sister came to visit and I spoke at length to pub sister whose broken wrist has mended.

Erbie has rather more soya yogurt down his front than in his mouth, so I’d better skidaddle.


Chic Mama said...

It's so hard to let go of anger isn't it. Can totally understand it. She sounds like a thoroughly awkward woman. Fingers crossed it gets sorted out quickly. x

Looking Fab in your forties said...

Sounds like things are crazy busy for you at the moment, with no rest when Erbie sleeps. Hope you get everything sorted though.x

teawithonesugarplease said...

Don't let the anger eat away at you - you have enough on your plate working and caring for Erbie. hope it all works out, stay neutral on the council tax issue, its not your problem. You can always suggest she consults a solicitor. As you do not have any training in such legal matter.

theharridan said...

brilliant news though about the flat - good luck - that sounds like a very good scheme. We have been thinking of buying - it really gives me the willies but oh! to have your own! And make it look cool! Excellent stuff. Best of luck!

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