Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Downward spiral

We still haven’t heard anything on the mortgage front and my initial positivity has fast declined into realisation that we may have to have the ‘what if we don’t get it conversation’. I really don’t think I could face living in ‘our’ flat and paying the Belle Mere’s buy-to-let mortgage off. What are the possibilites, could we take over her mortgage? There would be so many strings not least the ones leading right back to her having control over us again.

Our last meeting with Erbie was fine until her final gambit on the stairs as I was leaving.

BM: ‘Oh yes, I remember the other thing I wanted to tell you, I’m getting the house surveyed but if you only want to know about this flat I won’t tell you.

Me: ‘don’t be silly – when are you getting it surveyed’

BM: ‘Tomorrow, and it looks like it might be moving faster than I anticipated, they may have found somewhere after all.’

Me: ‘well that’s good news.’

This may sound innocent but it’s a silent warning that she won't hesitate to implement her mortgage thus putting a kabosh on ours.

Think sunny thoughts, think sunny thoughts, think sunny thoughts and nudge broker. 


Victoria @ Hibiscus Bloem said...

Thinking sunny thoughts for you too. She does like to have a dig every time doesn't she?

Looking Fab in your forties said...

What a bitch. Bung the broker £100 he will soon get a move on!

Marie said...

Thinking my best thoughts for you. Much sunnier than the current weather is! All the best... M x

Heather said...

sending you all the sunny thoughts i can muster!

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