Saturday, 27 February 2010

Full moon

I didn’t admit that we were waiting until Tuesday for astrological reasons did I, no, because you’d sound like an idiot hippy Westendmum. We it is partly true, I read in one of the supplement horoscope that weighing up options and making decisions were two different things and to hold off making any major ones until after the full moon on the 28th. There I do sound like an idiot hippy. 

Having walked back from the Halifax close to tears at the relief of being offered a mortgage in principle and spending half an hour convincing The GR it was  the best offer we would get, I had calmed myself down and said we should wait to see if we heard from the whippersnapper broker. Which we did, half an hour later, then I remembered the horoscope and told The GR.

 The whippersnappers offer was even better than the bank one, we ummed and ahhed, then called the bank to let them know and they offered us an even better deal! The next day the lovely broker put forward by a friend called and said he had found two 90% mortgages for us. I told him about the bank and he said it was a no brainer. 
‘Go with them, no broker will be able to get you a better deal than that’. 

There will be a Full moon on 28th February 2010

As it turns out the lady I’m dealing with at the bank is actually away until Tuesday so it’s not just due to my mimbo jimbo, but it did make us hesitate long enough to get 2 better offers!

So it looks like things might be picking up in March. The GR starts his new job and first thing Tuesday morning  I’m calling the nice lady at the bank.

Thank-you all you lovelies, for your supportive comments and (Sonya) any advice is gratefully received – I haven’t got a clue.

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Chic Mama said...

If you're an idiot hippy then so am I. I check my horoscope every night when I go to bed to see if next day is a positive/negative one and making major decisions are checked also ...Really hope it all sorts out for you in March. xx

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