Monday, 15 February 2010

So now the waiting begins

The mortgage meeting was with an eager whippersnapper in Chancery Lane. We took the obligatory passports, bank statements, utility bill (the UK is similar to the rest of Europe now in that one can’t do anything without your a name on a utility bill), tax bills, phone bills, monthly outgoings, knicker and inside leg measurements.

Luckily the receptionist was child friendly as Erbie decided to be on his worst behaviour ever. Maybe it was the size of the interview room, or he got the vibe that mummy and daddy were trying to be grown-up, but his goodness lasted for as long as it took to fill 2 pages with drawings of buses of all colours. No to cars on floor and definitely no to a shut door. As he steamed around the building his cheeks got redder (so teething really) and redder.

The GR and I took it in turns to remove Erbie from said small room and walk him up and down the corridor. The corridor was lined with interview rooms, some with prospective clients in meetings, Erbie beamed at them through the glass fronts.

We got as far as reception and were saved by smiles and eventually after all else failed CBeebies instead of Bloomberg on the reception flat screen monitor much to the amusement of passing staff, perhaps not so to passing clients.

 At one juncture I returned to the room to find The GR in the middle of admitting to more debt than we’d agreed to admit to. I did however learn that Mamma Mirabel’s Home Movies (a children’s programme for the uninitiated) lovely familiar voice is such because it is the lovely familiar voice of Floella Benjamin from my childhood TV watching.

Whippersnapper photocopied everything and we left in trepidation of what they might find and to wait.

So now the waiting begins.

 Appointment with Belle Mere tomorrow morning for grandchild interaction.

I will bit my tongue about her taking out a mortgage on the flat which will need to be cancelled if, - sorry when, we get ours.




teawithonesugarplease said...

Just take the higher ground, deep breathes - keep it all pleasant even if you feel like screaming at BM. You have done all you can. Its now up to the B(w)ankers. If it were women who ruled the financial world we wouldn't be in a recession.

Metropolitan Mum said...

Fingers crossed for the mortgage to be yours soon! How very sweet of them to tune to CBeebies. I don't think anyone would have wanted to watch Bloomberg anyway. I mean, if you are honestly after that kind of information, why sit in a broker's office to watch it?

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