Tuesday, 20 October 2009

2 Ladies

I keep starting the week thinking, I must get organised, I must get a proper meal time routine for Erbie, I must do a meal planner and budget. How about feed a family of 2 and a quarter for £50 a week, hmmmm. Then Kendal rings up under the pretence she wants the sewing machine, (we went halves on one earlier in the year), and whisks me off to Primarni. A leopardskin coat and 2 cardigans later I’ve spent half of the weekly food budget and am sitting in Marks and Spencer’s basement cafe mopping up the coffee Erbie knocked over the table, making sure no milky (argh) splashes have got on him. He doesn’t seem bothered and is munching through a fruit salad, the lady directly behind however has thrown her cup down in disgust and flounced out. That used to be me, I inwardly cringe, she smiled when we sat down too. A little old lady in a hat toddles over and tells us she loves little boys, then leans in closer and says ‘...and I  love them when the grow up even more’!


Chic Mama said...

A coat and two cardigans??? Hehe...how are you going to manage eating on £25 now?
People like that are very annoying, probably disapprove of children being out!

everybodysaysdont said...

Organised smoorganised!! I'm sure being organised is over-rated! (I assume it is anyway!) xx

teawithonesugarplease said...

You did amazingly well only to spend half the food budget, I miss being in W1 and would have blown the lot.

Marie said...

Ha ha! I love your story. The final little old lady, brilliant, and so kind of English too. And oh yes I should be more organised too :)

westendmum said...

Hmmm, yes, well, pasta anybody!

I organised putting away my purchases before The GR got home!

Hello. Yes, it is very tempting having it all on the doorstep. It is good for window shopping fixes though.

Thanks! Kendal said 'he is being very naughty today' and the little old lady said, 'Oh you wouldn't have it any other way'!

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