Saturday, 24 October 2009

Raspberry faced baboon

Since denying Erbie the boob, (it’s been 10 days) I have been wracked with guilt and have bought him several presents, that i would normally have resisted including:

A pair of maracas from Hobgoblin music shop on Rathbone Street.

 A raspberry faced baboon, (that I couldn’t resist) from Pollocks Toy Museum in Fitzrovia.

...but which took Erbie a little longer to come round to.

And a duck faced eggcup by Quail from Liberty , that I was put onto by the lovely Liberty London Girl ’s blog

It’s getting easier, because he is so good, but it’s true the happy hormones have gone and the tiredness is catching up, but had my first double espresso today for over a year, which soon perked me up I can tell you!


everybodysaysdont said...

Really lovely gifts though! xxx

Liberty London Girl said...

Ha! Excellent. Love this post, because I started to read it and thought I must ask in the comments if Pollocks in Scala St is still going - and there it was! I have such fond memories of being a child there. LLGxx

AQUASOL said...

hello from Spain!!
would you help us to talk about AQUASOL?

thank you for your kindness.

Marie said...

I love the babboon!

Miss Whistle said...

Your red-faced baboon is most excellent.
Miss W x

goonerjamie said...

That is the best baboon I have ever seen. There is no way I would have been able to give that up, I would even take it driving with me. Not sure why I felt the need to add the last bit.

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