Saturday, 17 October 2009

First steps First shoes

Erbie’s walking has come on amazingly in the past week so I thought it about time to get him fitted for proper shoes. Where to go? Clarks was my first thought, or Startrite, I put it to the Twitterati and @salihughes suggested: ‘Brilliant selection and proper fitters at John Lewis.’ John Lewis, ah John Lewis, of course, they stock Clarks and Startrite and several other well know brands of children’s shoes all in one place. I went early in the morning to the child’s shoe department on the fourth floor and we were the only customers. Erbie was a ‘4F’ or ‘21’ in european size, the sales assitant advised me that all shoes should be tried on as sizes vary by brand, he may only be a 3 in Clarks for example. She explained that shoeless was best especially on a carpeted floor but if we had hardwood floors he should be wearing a soft soled cruising shoe. She also said that he shouldn’t go into hard soled or ‘proper shoes’ until he had been walking for at least eight weeks. So the black plimsoles he is wearing when we go out are fine for now, although they’re only a 3. For correct sizing there should be a thumbs width gap between toes and the shoe front and growing feet should be measured every six to eight weeks. I wasn’t that taken with any of the shoes on offer, and have 8 weeks to wait anyway, so I mentioned I’d seen some rather adorable Lego Kickers online, would they be suitable? I was told ‘Yes’ as the are good surportive shoes. Look out ebay, we’re getting hard-soled.

Image: ©Lego Kickers


Anonymous said...

today we lost the right shoe of the first (john Lewis-fitted) pair of Casper's shoes - it fell out of the buggy somewhere along portobello rd. so i needed something, went to zara, grabbed some slightly weird leather boat shoes that seemed to roughly fit. think should have waited and gone to JL tomorrow. it is fraught, this parenting stuff! now feeling bit guilty that cassie will have some horrible foot drama. flat-flanged-feet, anyone?

Chic Mama said...

I personally think kickers are too heavy for a new walker. I love kickers though....all of my children have had them, girls and boys. I will be getting child number five (27 months) his first pair of kickers for this winter.
I have all of their first shoes still as well, an exciting time.

westendmum said...

@theharridan How annoying, I might tle Erbies first real shoes on with string like mittens.

@Chic Mama
I shall heed your words Chic Mama, actually where are you? Any second feet shoes you wanna sell!

WEM xx

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