Monday, 5 October 2009

Lady Cups

Having just posted about a lady in the bottom of a cup, I came across these:

What the devil, you may think quite rightly, is a LadyCup. Well it appears to be something on the european market that is an environmentally sound way to replace tampons. Not in my mind a bad idea as even though I know we shouldn’t flush, I can’t say that I don’t and I know I have friends who think it’s even OK to flush the applicator or plastic wrapper.

We are all so squeamish us English ladies, I can’t see it crossing the water just yet. The menstrual cycle is not for conversation. However having got my first one since conception (on my birthday *%$^&**&) I feel suitably unjaded enough to start that conversation. I’m a syncher, I synch up with anyone around me, friends, sisters, the moon’s cycle, hell, I’d probably synch up with a dog on heat if we had one. (anyone unfamiliar with this, it is when a group of women working or spending time together all start to menstruate around the same time).

The lady at the family planning clinic told me the first one I got after pregnancy would probably be a shocker, so I was pleasantly surprised, if that is a term one can use for getting your period. Not so, the second, coinciding with the full harvest moon and in the fair ladies words ‘a shocker’.  The GR and I had an argument the day before, I should have realised it was on the way then, but I never do. I resent it when you tell a guy you’ve got your period and they look in the near distance and say: ‘oh, that’s why’ in an all too knowing manner, referring to your behaviour the week previously. I often get that spot on my chin which supposedly denotes which side you’re going to ovulate on, aswell.

My theory is if all the oceans in the world are affected by the pull of the moon and we’re made up of  a percentage of water, why not me, I’m hoping the ‘shocker’ will be a harvest moon one off.


Marie said...

They do sell lady cups in the UK in boots. Look for Mooncup. I just bought one. They're great, a little tough to get used to and yes squeamish people won't like them but I definitely recommend one!

loveaudrey said...

I got my 1st period after my daughter was born on my birthday too... and it was a shocker. I can honestly say they've never been the same since! I'm still enjoying the lack of menstraution that breastfeeding allows us. I'm dreading going back to that awful monthly ritual! xxx

everybodysaysdont said...

Poor you, on your birthday too!
I have looked at these in boots...I don't know what to think.....over all I think I'm a bit unsure that it would work!
Generally I use the normal tampax, not the compax as they have plastic applicators and wrappers - so that cant be good for the loo or anywhere environmentally! I used the compax a couple of times and I did really like the fact that they didn't fall apart in your handbag though!

westendmum said...

The thing is how does one rinse them out in a public facility??? I may try them out though as Marie was brave enough. I'll wait and see how horrific next moon time is.

Marie said...

Two options on the public facility. One - take in a bottle of water use this for rinsing. Two - don't rinse, wipe with paper and carry on and clean later on with water. Possibly about to be too much information but here goes... I am luckily quite light, so two emptying works for me, one morning one night, both at home. No need to public rinsing then. And I hated the thought of them until I used it and realised it was much nicer than a lump of cotton... Again apologies for the extra info but hope it helps! M x

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