Thursday, 22 October 2009

Robbing Peter to pay Paul

A friend and I were talking recently about how everyone appears to be in the same boat, robbing Peter to pay Paul, cashflow has never been worse. As if to prove the point, I had a narrow escape this morning. I though I’d check my balance online, as I’d mistakenly cleared out The GR’s account the previous day. It was a good job I did as there in nice big letters it said: ‘no available funds’. Now I have, we have, been suriving financially by the skin of our teeth, but this was still a shock, my overdraft facitly appeared to have disappeared. Trying to think calm thoughts and smile I rang the bank. The lady sounded stern and was unwilling to concede that they may have made a mistake, I knew I was on thin ice as technically of course an overdraft is the banks money. I had to go through monthly income and outgoings, and it seemed to take an awfully long time for my details to come up. Eventually after being on hold, the advisor said, of course you will have to pay off the overdraft you have now before we can impliment the new one. Internally I started shreiking, the student in me felt like slamming the phone down, how is one supposed to repay an overdraft if one had the money, the overdraft wouldn’t be there if I had the money, all this raced through my tiny brain but thankfully I said nothing. I said nothing for so long it prompted the advisor to offer a solution. Pay off your overdraft with your credit card then reimburse the credit card when the new overdraft is in place. Simple, simple thanks to the fact I had the funds on my creditcard, what if I hadn’t? ‘That should all be in place by Monday, is there anything else I can help you with?’ Perhaps you could help me find the actual card I need to use this account, Erbie seems to have stowed it away somewhere in the past few days I thought, looking in the vicinity of the toy box. ‘No, not today, thankyou’.


Marie said...

Banks can be terrible trouble and so unwilling to help. You'd think it was their job to help you, seeing as you are a customer. But more often than not you are put in the position of feeling like your are the smallest person on earth. Hope it all works out and Erbie finds your card :) I always used to hide things in boxes too...

westendmum said...

I found the card down the side of the bookcase. And got a pay check I'd been waiting on. Yey!

westendmum said...

Oops! Of course I mean - cheque, pay cheque. I was not, as implied, paid with a nice piece of plaid.

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