Sunday, 22 February 2009

Signs of Teething

Flushed red cheeks.
Lots of dribbling, that can cause a facial rash, try putting a barrier cream such as Vaseline on senstitive chins. Tie a bandana around neck to keep little chests dry.
Runny nose, but only if it runs clear, any green stuff, is a sign of an infection or slight cold.
Ear pulling and scratching in sleep.
Clawing at upper chest.
Constant chomping on anything - toys, the Guardian, clothing, Vogue, your fingers. If they chew their own fingers, I think this is a sign of hunger rather that teething.

Hard gums can be soothed by rubbing Nelson’s teething granules on them, available at most chemists or Calgel. When Erbie first started teething he was only 3 months, I held cold cucumber wrapped in a hankie against his gums for relief.
An upset tummy, being sick.

All sorts of things get attributed to teething so if your little one has a temperature or seems very sick, don’t hesitate in calling the doctor.

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