Sunday, 24 January 2010

Silver Charms

I went to the P. Twins second birthday party this weekend, which was noisy, but fun. Two little girls with curls. I gave them silver bracelets for their first birthday and am getting them charms for each birthday until I guess I get bored or they are old enough to tell me they are bored!

I wanted to get this wondeful Eiffel tower charm from Tiffany, a snip at £120! How adorable is that little gold plane at the bottom of the page and look at that silver NY cab...

But plumped for these silver ballet slippers from the ROH shop, equally as cute but missing that extra nought!


Chic Mama said...

They're all gorgeous. What a lovely gift to give.

Metropolitan Mum said...

I love charms. I wear 2 or max 3 of them on a long silver chain around my neck. I have a silver lederhosen and a pair of sausages - for those days where I am feeling very Austrian. A wild horse and a shark's tooth made of turquoise when I am feeling all wild and adventurous. Most of them are Thomas Sabo. Have you heard of him?

westendmum said...

@Chic Mama
I know, sigh!

@Metropolitan Mum
What a lovely way to wear charms. And what great charms sausages and lederhosen! Excellent. I've just looked up sabo, thanks for putting him on my radar.

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