Monday, 25 January 2010

Mummy’s Little Helpers - 10% off at Mothercare

I haven’t blogged much about baby stuff recently, partly because Erbie is such a dream boat we just wander about having fun. I relish putting him to bed and reading him a story, when I turn the light off he snuggles onto my lap for a cuddle before getting into his bed, I kiss the top of his head and breath in his smell, so adorable. People do keep mentioning terrible twos though, oh wait till he reaches the terrible twos etc. etc. I keep phiffing and mumbling under my breath, not my boy, but last week much to my chagrin I had a taster, my little angel suddenly became a noise monkey, he even lashed out and he howled in the morning when I wouldn’t let him get out of bed at 3am, yes 3am. He had had his booster jab on the wednesday and a slight fever for a couple of days after but I didn’t think that could really be the cause, then magically after just over week everything was back to normal, the jab HAD affected him, I’d been warned it may make him irritable but didn’t realise quite how much. This got me to thinking about things that had helped make the first 17 months of mumdumb so manageable.
Here are my top 5

1. Bio-Oil 
Available from most good chemists, £19.99 for a 200ml bottle in Boots. This stuff worked miracle for me and saved me from a single stretch mark. I also use it as an emolient in Erbie’s bath water, which keeps his eczema at bay.

2. Nuxe cleansing water, I went paraben free during my pregnancy and continued whilst breastfeeding, this was one of the products I used. Great for cleansing your skin when you don’t have the time or inclination it removes every scrap of make-up and grim leaving your skin feeling supple and refreshed. £12 from most good department stores.
3. Burts Bees Grapefruit and Sugar Beet shampoo, £9.99. All natural and paraben free this product, kept my hair super shiny and squeaky clean. Worth every penny, it lasts for ages, you only need to use a tiny amount. My hairdresser told me if you use a good shampoo you can get away with a cheap conditioner as they all more or less do the same.

4. Sex and the City DVD complete series boxset, £49.99 from HMV.  
What can I say? We all need a little diversion from time to time, and mine was with Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda. I can’t wait for the next movie..

5. Hippychick child hip seat available from John Lewis for £37.50. 
This means I can walk everywhere with Erbie a short trip to the shops or a long march across to the other side of the Thames. Buggies were not for me, but I understand that it’s not the case for everyone. 

10% off at Mothercare
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