Monday, 25 January 2010

Forgive and Forget - Not Yet

The GR was perfectly foul yesterday but I’m so simple minded and easily pleased I have clean forgotten about it today. They say forgive and forget, I find quite the opposite true for me. I can forgive but never forget and I can forget but never forgive. Actually that’s not true at all I do forgive and I do forget, it just takes a while, years. Then it is gone, never to be spoken of again, I’m just a bear with a simple brain. Maybe that is it, I am simple, and easily pleased. I don’t get caught up in the complexities of life, I don’t dwell on stuff for too long, I barely look back, a recent attempt shook me to the core. For example things that kept me awake last night:

1. Waffles missing sheets, having read Belgian Waffle’s recent post on losing a laundry ticket, I went over various scenarios of possible retrieval methods without solution.

2. Possible reasons Belle Mere could have for behaving in such a manner. I eventually had to agree with The GR that it was all about control and the relinqishing of. This went on for hours – possible conversations, letters written, emails composed, outcomes, resolutions. So you see when I posted late last year that I had decided to forgive the Belle Mere, forgive her I did but forget I could not, it keeps creeping up on me, seeping into our everyday existence. All the while she is losing out, of course we feel guilty about that too but feel we must stand our ground, or there will be another 8 years of the same. Thank goodness The Grandad has begun to mediate.


I forgave The GR for behaving like a perfect c**t all day yesterday as it is pretty much all Belle Mere related. At one point we were walking over Hungerford Bridge, I had Erbie on my hip as usual, The GR and I were discussing his mother again, he was upset and gets vertigo. A boat started towards the bridge and I stopped in the middle and asked The GR to go ahead so that I could show Erbie a boat going under the bridge and coming out the other side. He called me a c**t and started insisting that I keep walking, I insisted that he not give Erbie his fears and stood my ground. The boat passed underneath Erbie and I waved, The GR huffed off ahead and we met on the South side, where he filmed Erbie looking through the railings at a seagull floating on the Thames with The Houses of Commons in the background.

Later in the day he stropped out because I offered to make him a cheese sandwich, he came back with his tail between his legs and ate a tuna one. I felt like saying a lot of things but held my tongue and after Erbie had gone to sleep said simply: ‘Sorry you had such a bad day today.’ Which meant he apologised and was wonderful all day today, wonderful all day today out at work.




Metropolitan Mum said...

There's got to be something in the air at the moment...

Jaywalker said...

Thank you for worrying about my sheets. My plan is to go tomorrow morning and refuse to leave until they at least try and look.

Also, well done for being so gracious. I couldn't have behaved a tiny fraction so well.

everybodysaysdont said...

I've been on the end of foul behavior before, there's so often a (sad) reason for it. xxx

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