Wednesday, 13 January 2010

I want one...

Lou Lou mini Louis Ghost chair by Phillipe Starck

I went in Conran on Marylebone High Road before Christmas and there was a stack of mini - yes mini Philippe Starck Louis Ghost chairs in a confection of colours, transparent blue, pink, green yellow, so adorable I was a little overwhelmed  and scuttled away quickly. I’ve always hankered after the full sized version but frankly one thing we are not short of is chairs. They’ve been haunting me ever since (aptly). I’ve just had a look online and they are in the sale - arrrggh credit card itch.


ghost chair said...

oooo come get one. Here's what you do if you have too many chairs. Buy a few, put them in the garage or in a closet and when people come over, well more people than you have chairs, you will have ample seating. I think I'm going to write a 10 things you can do with a ghost chair blog entry tonight, thanks for the inspiration!

westendmum said...

Chairs are the new shoes!
ah yes, if only I had a garage or indeed a closet!

Chic Mama said...

I've always loved them too, and now mini ones....
I'd rather get one for me though but then I'm selfish like that! ;0)

Anonymous said...

Oh so agree about the ghost chair. I have enjoyed catching up on your blog - the sex content is brilliant, and honest, and completely right. I have been laughing out loud (but dare not write "LOL" because me hates that term, and all those other bad shortcuts, but I digress...). You cheered me up. Now, off to waddle to bed where there shall be a lot of nothing happening. x

teawithonesugarplease said...

I nearly bought the limited edition Barbie one for my daughter. Until we realised it would get scratched and not stay pristine looking for very long!

westendmum said...

@chic mama
But they are nearly invisible.

Hello, how nice to hear from you. I've been catching up on you too. LOL Ha!

Barbie! There's a Barbie one? Going to google NOW.

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