Monday, 11 January 2010


I was wondering what this was whilst reading Belgian Waffle who had been memed by T Houser – who explained (here), and then there I was in the list which made me feel a bit sick and get butterflies and stage fright and all sorts of mixed emotions lots of them strangely affliated with school for some reason and that is going back a while dear reader, going back a while indeed. The Waffle is very generous to mention me at all, and as she explains tis for nostalgic reasons too (I live a stones throw from where she once lived with a new born).  

So having been memed, which I think I may have been, I give you 10 things you don’t know about me then 5 blogs that I enjoy, but not the usual suspects such as Liberty London Girl, who is always a good read, ha do you see what I did there!

Ten things about me:

1. I used to walk on my hands when I was at school, not outragiously far but enough to look vaguely impressive, this continued into my twenties. I tried again on New Years Eve when I was 28 and nearly broke my nose, this prompted me to make the only resolution I haven’t broken and practice for a year, I walked on my hands the next Christmas then not since, perhaps I’ll take it up again, that’ll be something to embarrass Erbie with.

2. I’ve never had a garden, (you wouldn’t believe me if you overheard me walking around RHS Wisley).

3. I’m left handed – very and think all the best people are. This means I have to cross my hand over my body to put a ticket through barriers on the tube, use my spoon in my left hand (dear God woman what ever next), use chopsticks in my left hand which apparently is a sign for being a prostitute, can read upsidedown and backwards easily, can’t write on blackboards, would have smudged all my inkpen school work had I nort been an anal Virgo which is number 4.

4. I didn’t think I was an anal Virgo until the Grandad stayed over Christmas and he is one of those lovely guests that don’t get in your way and wash up but he put everything back in not quite the right place – not quite the right place, that goes there not here, or I cannot find it even if it is right in front of me, thankfully I don’t say this out loud to anyone.

5. I don’t know where my cat is. He was a ferile London cat but I moved one time to many and gave him to my mum to look after. My mum died and my Father’s best friend offered to take him. I passed him on with a carebox and a letter, I got sent a photo of him with his new lurcher friends but then I moved to France and lost his address.

6. Band of Brothers makes me weep, especially when the real old guys talk.

7. I hate wrapping. I should like it, I like making things look pretty, I love paper and ribbons, I’m vaguely creative, but I find it tedious, my corners are never right, I double fold and then stick with bitten selotape, my bows always look flimsey, argh.

8. I learnt the words to every Eurythmics song at school, I don’t listen to that stuff anymore but I still know all the words. Sweet dreams are made of this, who am I to disagree, I travel the world and the seven seas etc etc.

9. I can recite Jabberwocky.

10. I used to keep stick insects, they escaped and lived on the curtains for years.


Five blogs to have a look at:

Single Supplement, a brilliantly funny and painfully honest blogger who is looking for love and happiness.  

Sadie’s Wardrobe I can’t resist this 18yr old’s enthusiastic blog about thrifty fashion, she reminds me of lovely innocent youth before it’s beaten out of us.

More than just a mother. If you don’t read anything else, read this post to the end...

Everybody says don’t A lovely fashion blog and a lovely lady, she’s always there in the comment box supporting everyone. 

Ganrance Dore Too cool for school, I think she goes out with The Satorialist.

There all done - your turn...


katyboo1 said...

Band of Brothers made me howl like a baby too. I love a good, gut wrenching war epic. sigh.

everybodysaysdont said...

Ahh THANK YOU! We must get together again soon! I don't know where the time goes...Give Erbie a kiss from me! x

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