Saturday, 2 January 2010

New Years Resolutions.

The usual waking on New Years day bleary eyed and remorseful after too much of everything bad and good with vows of never again and nurofen were not on the cards for me this year. I spent 2009 ensconced in new motherhood, which entailed exercising rather a lot, eating rather well or should I say little and drinking even less, so that previous years resolutions (that only really lasted a month at best) such as get fit, give up smoking, go to more exhibitions, have all been encompassed by looking after Erbie.

For 2010 I think on what leaf needs to be turned, what I hope to improve, feeling rather sanctimonious it dawns on me that my grown-up relationship is rather lacking, which leads me to day dream on the possibility of a blog entitled:

Make time for an affair with me’ or ‘How to seduce your husband daily

I ponder how I’d start this perhaps a naughty text, or sexy underwear, booking a room in an hotel or a babysitter even. A flirtation of saucy letters under a nom du plum delivered by post but then my ideas run out.

Initially, for the first part after Erbie was born, I had no libido, a shock after having a monsterous one during pregnancy (much to my frustration as after reaching a certain size The GR couldn’t look at me without seeing ‘woman with child’ which to him could not be on the same page as ‘girl with whom to have sex’. He went out a lot, the ‘Rabbit’ came out a lot, perhaps a by-product of which was producing such a happy baby.

So I vow to try and rekindle my partnership this year and perhaps even have sex more than twice. I’ll start with a sexy text, something I’ve never sent, but I think I’d best wait until The Grandad isn’t sleeping on our sofa any longer, the bedroom no longer being a sexual space (Erbie’s cot is in there). Then I’ll try and get some sexy underwear, something that will involve getting a babysitter, as after breast feeding I’m not even sure what size I am anymore, and bra fitting avec small child so far hasn’t proved a possibility, I expect that will be another post.

Happy New Year everyone!


Victoria said...

You go girl! Sounds like you have it all worked out for a 'hot and sexy' 2010. And horray for the rabbit!

In honour of me discovering your blog today, if you stop by my blog you will see that I've tagged you for revealing your 5 highlights of 2009. Hope you'll let us know. Happy 2010.

Chic Mama said...

Happy New Year
I hope it all improves this year...a baby always puts a spanner in the works.xx

everybodysaysdont said...

Good luck, that all sounds jolly good for 2010! xxx Happy New Year! x

Little Brown Bird said...

Happy 2010. Welcome back Lavinia x

Emily said...

Woohoo! 2010 here you come! Lovely blog:) LZ

westendmum said...

Hello, thanks for tag. I'm not so sure about the hot and sexy – at the moment it's cold and the Rabbit has been collecting dust for 16 months!

@Chic Mama
Happy New Year to you. There are so many sexier items in the tool box, monkey wrench, hammer, nuts, screws even why the spanner!

@everybodysaysdont, Little Brown Bird, Emily,
Happy New Year ladies, thanks for your lovely comments.

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