Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Winter woolies

I think Erbie's birthday is going to become the signalling of the end of Summer. Time to look for Winterwear. I realised the other day I haven't got a clue, not a clue what is in fashion today. I know there has been talk of thigh high boots and shoulder pads, God that's the way I used to dress at college. From my round window I have seen on the street lots of blue denim, mini skirts, full jeans and shirt dresses. Summer was all pretty retro patterned 80's frocks with leather belts aka Sex and the City the movie, these are now being worn with long men's cardis. There seem to be lots of long scarves wrapped round lots of necks with skinny black jeans again. Horror of horrors I saw lacy tights in Marks and Sparks and found them strangely desirable, (I also used to wear those) isn't there some law about being to old to wear stuff the second time round? I need to research more fully.

Going for absolute non-fashion I bought this jumper, a bargain from H&M's children's department at £7. I've got the cowboy boots already, just need the denim mini to complete the look of chavel.

Next must try to look more Chanel. Research would include going to see the movie right?

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everybodysaysdont said...

I think everyone is wearing every different fashion at the mo, because there are so many fashions around....Regarding wearing clothes the 2nd time around - I'm wondering about this too...I haven't a clue! x

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