Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The wheels are spinning

but I'm getting nowhere fast. I keep going round in circles in my head and doing nothing.

I had one task today - get a lampshade for the living room.

In my younger days I would have been full of ideas, now all I could come up with was Argos. I trudged over to the one behind Tottenham Court Road, what was I thinking, it was pants. I started to come up with an idea, visions of a very large white shade that I could stick black cutouts of bird silhouettes onto.

Where to get a large white lampshade? I went to Habitat, no large white ones, but some nice black ones.

Drum Silk £29 IMAGE Habitat

Grande £75

What was I thinking, I should have gone to John Lewis. I waited for Erbie to wake up from his afternoon nap and let in the pest control man.

John Lewis Gemma £34

John Lewis Mimosa £44

But I still wasn't sure and for that price did I really want to be getting my gluestick to them. The chandeliers started winking at me. Concentrate. It was getting closer to Erbie's bedtime, panic set in and I caved and bought one of those paper chinese shades for a paultry £3! It's an egg shaped one, it'll be a stop gap I told myself, until I can decide on which one to get. I'm thinking of something in apple green now.

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Liberty London Girl said...

lil'sis buys herlamp shades on ebay. Laura Ashley ones in partic seem to be dead cheap on there. LLGxx

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