Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Baby room

The next thing on the list, now first birthday is done, is to decorate the bedroom in a more child friendly manner. None of us like going to bed and Erbie is no exception, he rolls around head butting pillows then starts having a conversation, stands up, tries to get to the books on the windowsill, says neigh neigh, looks up at the bare light bulb, rolls over, eats bunny, head butts pillow again, sticks his bum in the air - you get the picture. So I'm thinking, a mobile, wall art, fairy lights, a duvet cover, cot bumper that kind of thing!

Wall stickers are everywhere, Habitiat, Heals, the Disney store, ebay, and are rather good for rented accommodation as they peel off again.

I rather like these from Blik



Single Supplement said...

You can also design your own wall art sweetie... do some vector art and then get it whatever size, in cut-out vinyl in any colour you want. You then get a big stencil, stick it to the wall and peel off!! Ask me for more info!!

westendmum said...

I was thinking of making some from black sugar paper, but had visions of nasty black marks on the wall, I didn't know you could get your own designs in vinyl, excellent. Give me more info!

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