Saturday, 8 August 2009

Braless Blackberrying Behind the British Museum

I nipped out in shorts and shirt this morning with Erbie on the ‘Hipper’ , throwing caution to the seagulls and not wearing bra, not something anyone above a C cup should ever really do. Anyway I’d spotted a briar of brambles behind the British Museum it’s fruit being left for the wasps and blackbirds and had decided to go ‘a scrumping’. I managed to get quite enough for a blackberry and apple crumble leaving plenty for the wasps and blackbirds. Whilst collecting my booty I also exposed a booby, Erbie’s blackberry stained fist undid a couple of buttons whilst trying to hang on. Thankfully Montague Street was deserted at that time in the morning apart from a couple of pretty young shuffling Japanese girls who came over and took pictures and tried a blackberry each all smiles.

Bramble patch behind the British Museum


Rollergirl said...

Ooh nice work. We found some near the massive Ladbroke Grove Sainbury's by the canal and made a blackberry and apple crumble too

westendmum said...

I forgot I was softening mine on the stove whilst putting Erbie to bed and it turned into jam.
Still nice warm with icecream or on toast though!

everybodysaysdont said...

Ha! Exposed woman! As long as you got the blackberrys!

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