Wednesday, 12 August 2009

God’s life spring in a biscuit tin

I wonder if the contents of my biscuit tin could be a reflection of my life. I know what I’d like in my biscuit tin –

Ladurée maccaroons, mini florentines, or perhaps NICE biscuits, even better, Belgian Waffling’s nice biscuits.

But due to the yeast / egg free thing going on presently this is mine and Erbie’s biscuit tin.

No fat , no sugar, a bit salty, fairly dry. Read as: no work, no sex, housing meetings, fairly boring.

Biscuit tins are another oddity, certainly not something I utilised before Erbie. Biscuits didn’t last long enough to put in a tin, and if they were, were usually forgotten about well past their sell by date. This tin was my mother’s and now I am a mother it has got biscuits in, all be it little savoury ones.

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everybodysaysdont said...

I don't have a biscuit tin, as soon as I buy any biscuits, my husband eats them all and then is miserable and full and complains about about his weight! So, I've now taken to eating LOTS of cake away from the house instead! Just had a big piece of bread and butter pudding! Yum!

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