Friday, 22 May 2009

I scream, you scream, we all scream, for icecream

Erbie has started screaming, how do I stop that? It’s been 4 days now, I know he’s just finding his voice, but blimey it’s loud, it goes right through you. Little short shrieks at random intervals. We don’t want to shout at him, as that will just be doing what he’s doing, and he’s too young to reason with. The GR has even started mumbling things like ‘never wanted children in the first place…’ in jest, but even so. I think he’s copying the police sirens that wail past at least once a day, as they use this road as a rat run to get to Oxford Street. My mother once said that none of us screamed more than once, but she’s not here to ask quite how she achieved that, darn it. He’s actually been very good today, what with the credit card fiasco, getting keys cut, walking to the letting agents 3 times, getting out of the flat around nap time then tea time to let people view, having to eat sugar puffs for tea cos mummy can’t get any money and hasn’t had time to make anything. Argh! Bloomin’ credit card put my deposit payment through twice, leaving me over my limit and unable to use my card while they sort it out, so maybe Erbie is screaming on my behalf. Resorted to eating Neapolitan icecream straight from the tub.


littlebrownbird said...

Loved this post. My nephew used to do the most ear piercing squeals but got over it quite quickly.

It's kind of cute (though I expect it isn't so cute after the tenth time!)

Margarita said...

Aww, it sounds kinda cute but kinda annoying and tiresome... Good luck to you! I hope he gets rid of hearing his own squeals for our sake!!

westendmum said...

I feel terrible, Erbie has lost his voice, he's gone all hoarse with a sore throat, poor lamb chop. I'll never say I want him to stop something again!

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