Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Where does the Bard overlook the sad Clown...

'It would make a great treasure hunt riddle'. I smiled at the GR
'Oh do shut up' he repiled.

Leicester Field (later known as Leicester Square) has been common land since King Charles I reign.
Name all 6 statues in Leicester Square? Did you even know there were 6 statues in Leicester Square?

1. William Shakespeare on top of the central fountain, this is a duplicate of the memorial in Westminster Abbey's Poets' Corner.

The Square's four corner gates each have a statue of a prominent former resident:
2. Sir Isaac Newton (scientist).
3. Sir Joshua Reynolds (painter and first President of the Royal Academy)
4. Dr. John Hunter (surgeon and scientist), and founder of the Hunterian Museum in Lincoln's Inn Fields
5. William Hogarth (painter).

6. Charlie Chaplin installed in 1981.

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