Saturday, 2 May 2009

Moving to Westminster.

I may have mentioned before, but a couple of weekends ago three of the nine flats over the road emptied out. We have been half looking for another flat, either bigger, or cheaper, with a carpet, with a separate kitchen, QUIETER, possibly with outdoor space, possibly with a second bedroom, still in W1. Ha ha you may think, well today we saw the flat over the road and it’s lovely, ticks 3 of the boxes, the main one being it’s cheaper, the second main one being it’s quieter –how can that be you ask, two words I tell you, double and glazing. It even has spectacular vistas for working-at-homers to stare out of the window at. All working from home should involve some form of staring. It’s on a corner and one way looks clear to the post office tower, who we love, and the other down a very pretty tree lined road. AND we can see not one, not two, not three but four whole public houses from the sitting room window, think of all that people watching. Think of all that noise you may say. Nothing wrong with pub noise, we say, we likey. Also, although it is only on the otherside of the street, it is in Westminster, which is one of the cheapest council tax boroughs in London, our bill would be halved. The rent is also cheaper, why should this be, apparently no one wants to live in carpeted flats anymore, everyone has allergies, (less said soonest mended). The GR did say, what if we decide to take it and the small person can’t live with a carpet? So, cheaper, quieter, separate kitchen, more distance between the bedroom and living room, did I say Westminster already, and just over the road. Will we get laughed at for moving over the road? We didn’t when we did it 3 years ago, but that’s another story.
We’re moving. We’ve given a months notice on our current flat, and managed to get the flat over the road, for £20 cheaper per week than it was on the market, we’re very excited. Now it’s down to MARAS credit checks, which cost £50 a pop, and we know we’ll fail miserably, then we’ll get a guarantor, then things can start moving. Much to do and a good opportunity to sort through the wardrobe, and have a good old clear out. Do I really need to keep that green dress I wore last Summer when I was pregnant? But I love it. It’s enormous. I could take it in.
A new guy has moved in downstairs with rafts of stuff, french – Renaud, from now on to be referred to as the fox, and quite a fox he is too, sadly bats for the away team.
The people with the shop in the basement have bought a flat in Acton, so will probably move the drum kit out there, oh well!

The BFI archive library from our bedroom window.

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