Thursday, 17 June 2010

Everything’s coming up rosy

258: Ziggy by Matthew Williamson at Selfridges.
WEM number #106

The Belle Mere is actually starting to behave like a granny, last week she made a trip to Hamleys in the rain and purchased a tipper truck for Erbie. Not only did she purchase a tipper truck but also a cement mixer and a yellow helicopter. Erbie got very excited and drove them around on the carpet all afternoon. He does this thing where he runs on the spot in anticipation whilst the grown up is attempting to get the things out of their packaging. This rather sweet anticipation dance prompted Belle Mere, this week, to present him with a campervan, a lovely mini campervan with a rainbow on the side. She is now camervangrammy. He fell asleep on the bus home from our flat to be, clutching his van and woke up at the door of our W1 home now.
‘We’re home’, I said.

I felt a bit sad and decided to whisk us off to Kensington Gardens for the afternoon, only the traffic on Oxford Street had a different agenda and the hot sticky bus only got as far as Selfridges. And Selfridges are having a sale. I bought some shoes, I had to, they were a real bargain, suddenly I didn’t feel so bad and the shoebox might be useful for packing.

A later bus took us straight to the park and Erbie ran around barefoot in the sand wearing only a cowboy hat and a pair of shorts as I followed in an equally stupid hat, as my roots are long overdue a retouch and my hairdresser is out of town until the end of the month.

Erbie collapsed in my arms on the way home and I slid him straight into bed meaning I got to watch the last BBC2 Springwatch uninterrupted. Small things!

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teawithonesugarplease said...

He's getting a lot of attention which he deserves from grandma. At last maybe finally she has realised this is the only grandson she is going to form a relationship with?

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