Thursday, 17 June 2010

Elephant obsessed?

The GR accused me of having elephant-itis, (see WEM number #104 & #105 below!) I AM a stone heavier than I should be but I haven’t ballooned. No, really, I think I’m using visible elephants to disguise the literal elephants in my everyday life. Whenever I see the Belle Mere, which is roughly once a week, (and later on today) we don’t mention the flat (which we are buying from her) or her son – The GR (who still have not spoken) which is, as someone pointedly said, a bit like not mentioning the elephant in the room.

There are several more unmentionable elephants in my life currently, The GR and I don’t talk about the fact we don’t have sex anymore, or the fact that we have borrowed, begged and stolen from virtually anyone who will comply in order to get a mortgage to buy aforementioned flat.

Zambi - 114: Hasbro, Hamleys Toy Store

Monopoly Community Chest - 113 Hasbro: Hamleys Toy Store


puncturedbicycle said...

My lovely man and I had our own, er, sex elephant. It only took three attempts (the last involving alcohol) to finally have a frank and fruitful discussion. This was very helpful too (for moral support, ideas and a reading list):
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Glad I'm not the only one not having sex or not talking about it.

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