Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Claridges, Sex and the City 2, 3 more elephants!

The lovely managing agents of out W1 flat have insisted we hold dear to the 2 months notice stipulated in our contract. 7 weeks it seems are not enough, so now we will be paying a mortgage and rent in July- oh joy. The GR is not in the best of moods about it as he was hoping we could use our deposit money for the first mortgage payment and for the cost of moving, now it looks like we will have to kiss that goodbye. One more thing in a long list of obstacles in our getting back home which has lowered moral further.

Good things have happened though:
The Chelsea Flower Show for one.

Claridges decor during the Chealsea Flower show was not too showy with a cottage garden feel, inside were arches of branches hung with of terracotta pots filled with peonies and sweetpea and outside this wonderwall of planted flowers.

I went out for a whole evening - to see Sex and The City 2.

We started off with cocktails in Claridges then a quick supper in Shepherds Market followed by Prosecco during movie at Curzon Mayfair then a night cap on the 23rd floor of the Hilton, which was full of Russians and vastly overpriced (£29.90 for 2 cocktails) but the views we amazing.

View from the Hilton, Mayfair W1, London.

And yes, I really enjoyed the film, everyone was dressed up, the cinema was full; it was a riot of fashion from start to finish, in fact the whole thing was like a big gay wedding and Liza Minnelli was superb. Also an added bonus running home like Cinderella in broken slippers I saw 3 more elephants. I was running as it had long gone midnight and The Gr had just texted to say Erbie was still awake! When I did get home he actually had managed to put him to bed. Erbie woke the next morning saying ‘there she am’. ‘Mummy, there she am’.


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Victoria @ Hibiscus Bloem said...

Sounds a great night out. Rip-off cocktails, but super view. I hoping to see the movie this week and trying not to read too many reviews! Great elephants at night shots. And so cute of your little man in the morning! Great to have a night out, but so wonderful to hear and see them the next morning.

Looking Fab in your forties said...

Wow, you really made a night of it, sounds like a great evening, wish i had come and watched it with you! I am at least going to Claridges next week taking eldest daughter for afternoon tea on her 21st. Oh and bless Erbie for saying that, he missed you!

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